Anti-Hemorrhoids Creams

Nowadays, there are different forms pharmaceutical for treating hemorrhoids that are available even without prescription: pills, suppositories, creams and ointments

In this article, we will be interested in the anti-hemorrhoid creams available today in pharmacies. But before quoting the various creams against hemorrhoids, we must know their advantages and disadvantages.

The Pros and Cons of Creams for Hemorrhoids

The creams are often used in the event of hemorrhoid crisis to relieve pain and itching. It is a local treatment method of great efficiency and especially its instructions is very simple. The creams can be applied directly on hemorrhoids to alleviate the symptoms in a short period that usually varies depending on the composition of this cream.

The Different Kinds of Anti-Hemorrhoids Creams

The creams are not effective for the prevention of hemorrhoids. They can not be prescribed for a long time because prolonged treatment can in some cases cause anal ulcers.


It is an anti-inflammatory cream with anesthetic effect which can be prescribed especially during a hemorrhoidal crisis in order to relieve pain and burning sensations . The anesthetic effect is linked to an active substance contained in this cream, called benzocaine, while the anti-inflammatory effect is related rather to enoxolone.

Sedorrhoid cream can be used in the case of external or internal hemorrhoids by applying it to the anal area at the rate of two or three times a day. However, treatment should not exceed one week.

Like all other medicines, Sedorrhoid cream can cause some undesirable effects such as local skin reactions due to the presence of cetostearyl alcohol in its formula. Note also that this treatment is contraindicated during pregnancy and for lactating women.

The price of Sedorrhoid cream is $ 3.57 for the 30g tube and this treatment also exists in the form of suppositories which can be more effective than cream in the case of internal hemorrhoids .


It is a symptomatic treatment that can be prescribed during the hemorrhoidal surge for its anesthetic effect in the anal region. The Titanorein cream significantly reduces the itching associated with the hemorrhoidal thrust due to its protective effect of the mucosa against all mechanical and chemical aggressors. All of these benefits are due primarily to the presence of carrageenate in the formula.

The directions for use of this cream for hemorrhoids is very simple. Apply it directly on the anal area by doing a delicate massage to penetrate the cream. It should be noted that it is always preferable to use Titanorein cream after defecation but be careful of the number of applications per day as this should not exceed 4 applications.

As for contraindications, this hemorrhoidal cream is contraindicated for pregnant women but it can be used by lactating women.

The price of a tube of Titanorein cream of 40g is $ 7.11 and note that this treatment also exists in the form of suppositories.


It is a cream that can be used in the symptomatic treatment of hemorrhoids. The active ingredient of this cream is hydrocortisone which is a corticosteroid. This component is endowed with powerful anesthetic and anti-inflammatory activity which can give immediate relief from pain and itching. The use of sediproct cream is done twice a day and it is preferable that it is in the evening.

This cream is contraindicated for people with hypersensitivity to hydrocortisone and its derivatives as well as for pregnant and lactating women.

Preparation H:

H preparation cream is a local treatment that aims to alleviate the symptoms of the hemorrhoid crisis and reduce swelling of the hemorrhoidal tissues. This cream is mainly based on cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, and sodium benzoate. Applying the cream on a daily basis throughout the treatment period can help you soothe the pain and reduce itching and burns .

This cream is contraindicated for people who have diabetes or hypertension or are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients listed. The cream is also contraindicated for pregnant women but tolerated for lactating women.

The adverse effects of H preparation cream are sometimes dizziness and bleeding.

This treatment also exists in the form of suppositories and tablets.

Procto Glyvenol:

It is a cream that can be applied in the case of internal and external hemorrhoids to remedy their symptoms. Glyvenol procto cream is composed primarily of tribenoside which increases vascular tonicity and lidocaine hydrochloride which is a local anesthetic capable of decreasing the pain and itching associated with hemorrhoids.

This hemorrhoid cream should be applied twice a day, morning and evening, and should not be prescribed in case of hypersensitivity to one of the two components mentioned above because it can rarely cause anaphylactic reactions And cardiovascular disorders.

It should be noted that Glyvenol Procto cream should not be prescribed either during pregnancy or during breastfeeding except on a prescription.

The best cream Hema pro

As you see, there are a multitude of creams for hemorrhoids in pharmacies. You are surely wondering which is the best cream that can help you alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids . Do not think much and do not seek between the creams mentioned above, even if you do not doubt their effectiveness. But the best and most effective is undoubtedly Hemapro cream.

This is the best and most effective hemorrhoid cream. Its unique and magical formula provides it with a tremendous anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory activity that will help you to reduce all the troublesome symptoms of hemorrhoids including swelling, burning and itching. You will feel the difference right from the first application.

Do not worry about unwanted side effects with Hemapro because of its unique and 100% natural formula. The active ingredient of this cream is only an association of the best medicinal plants known for their anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and calming effect.

Hemapro pills also exist and can be prescribed simultaneously with the cream for a more effective effect.

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