Cure your external hemorrhoids permanently

Hemorrhoids are problems generally caused by abnormal swelling of the veins in the anal area. This swelling is the result of stretching and rupture of the veins due to the increased amount of blood in the past due to high pressure on the rectum.

It is that hemorrhoids are a very common problem in the world as they affect according to recent statistics a large category of the world population, especially those aged over 50 years and pregnant women.

There are two types of hemorrhoids are:

  • External hemorrhoids: which are located just at the entrance of the anus
  • Internal hemorrhoids: are invisible and are formed inside the rectum.

The difference between the two is mainly based on the location of hemorrhoids resulting in symptoms and slightly different treatment methods.

Risk factors external hemorrhoids:

  • Constipation: This is the number 1 enemy of your health. The result of constipation will dry stools, very hard and difficult to pass, which will cause stress as they pass and consequently the appearance of external hemorrhoids.
  • Pregnancy: During pregnancy, the baby’s weight can put pressure on the anal region of the mother and cause hemorrhoids as well. This problem may occur especially after the second trimester of pregnancy with the remarkable increase in the size of the baby.
  • The nature of supply: Know that no adequate food can be a factor that promotes the development of hemorrhoids. Lack of dietary fiber, excess caffeine and spices, insufficient hydration all these factors can easily cause hemorrhoids.

The different classes of external hemorrhoids:

External hemorrhoids can be classified into three broad categories based on the stage of development of this pathology. Can be distinguished:

  • Stage 1: Hemorrhoids can not be visible at the time of defecation after the effort and the pressure exerted during the act. Hemorrhoids are recovering in their place immediately after defecation.
  • Stage 2: Hemorrhoids are outsourcing at the output of stool but do not call for them in a spontaneous way.
  • Stage 3: This is the most advanced and the most dangerous. Hemorrhoids are visible and do not put themselves in their same place with manual intervention. Intense pain is observed in this stage which prevents the same patient to sit properly.

The symptoms of external hemorrhoids:

The most common symptoms of external hemorrhoids are very severe pain especially during defecation, this pain can also intensify in the sitting position. Itching, burning sensation throughout the anal area can also be observed in the case of external hemorrhoids.

In a more advanced stage in the case of external hemorrhoids, there may be a formation of a blood clot called thrombosis in this case. Swelling and a bluish coloration may occur in this case, and in most of the time they will be accompanied by bleeding more or less important when passing stools.

external hemorrhoids treatment methods:

While there are a multitude of medical treatment methods and surgical procedures such as laser, sclerotherapy, elastic ligatures these methods are not free of complications opportunities that can have bad effects on health patients. It is always advisable to follow the natural treatment methods that have no risk to your health.

You will find below some tips that you can apply permanently to permanently cure your external hemorrhoids .

  • A varied and healthy diet: The first step you can take to a life without hemorrhoids is to properly control your diet. Try to drink a sufficient amount of water each day. Doctors and experts recommend drinking at least 1.5 liters of water daily because it can help your intestinal transit and warn you of disorders related to the problem of constipation. Similarly, a high fiber diet has the same advantages as drinking enough water. The fibers are found mainly in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.
  • Laxatives: If you can not practice well the first rule is to control your diet, it is advisable to resort to laxatives to ease your bowel and to soften your stool. This will help minimize the effort and stress during bowel movements and reduce the risk of developing hemorrhoids. But remember that excessive use of laxatives can cause some side effects on your health.
  • Cooling the anal area: It is advisable to apply compresses containing ice directly on the affected area. This will help reduce swelling and puffiness due to its ability vasoconstrictor and anesthetic.
  • The wipes instead of toilet paper: If you suffer from external hemorrhoids, we advise you to replace the toilet paper with wipes that are much softer. Also remember to always respect the rules of hygiene of the anal area to prevent any kind of infection in the area.
  • Less time in the toilet: Go to the toilet stool is a need that is obvious! But it will be better not to attend the toilet if it really is an urgent need. This method will help you minimize the pressure during bowel movement which will normally be accompanied by horrible pains. So try not to force during defecation.
  • Medical treatment: If nothing worked with you, and it is really necessary to take medication, you are advised to use treatments made from 100% natural products such as Hemapro .

The Hemapro products are of proven efficacy by doctors and specialists. This is a new treatment that will help you with his magic formula to cure your external hemorrhoids and soothe your pain.

These products are in two dosage forms:

The Hemapro ointment: A herbal only what gives it excellent anti-inflammatory properties. It contains no other ingredient can cause complications. Applying this ointment give you immediate relief and a feeling of freshness.

The Hemapro pills: This form has been developed specifically to help you prevent hemorrhoids before they occur. Similarly, the pills are made from natural products.

For safe and effective results, both forms must be used in combination for two successive months.

» Cure your external hemorrhoids permanently