The operations of hemorrhoids: is it a good idea?

These very troublesome symptoms often force patients to try all types of treatment without even thinking about the side effects and the fact that these processing means can cause serious complications on human health. It should then be always careful and attentive vis-à-vis these treatment methods not to suffer more.

Among these treatment methods surgeries can be found that are prevalent today even though they do not enjoy a good reputation because of severe postoperative pain they cause in patients.

In this article we will talk about all these types of surgical procedures, their advantages, but also disadvantages that you may not be.

What types of hemorrhoid operations?

The hemorrhoidectomy: This is the most traditional operation among surgeries for hemorrhoids and is also called the technique of Milligan and Morgan. It is done under general anesthesia and not local only during hospitalization, which lasts three to five days depending on the patient’s condition. Saying that the hemorrhoidectomy is considered the most painful and longer technical. The principle of this operation is based on a removal of hemorrhoids that is to say an incision at the anus, resection of the three packages hemorrhoidal ligation and three hemorrhoidal artery using a wire. Scarring is a little slow because the wounds caused by the operation are sensitive. Healing thus done in 4-9 weeks, and sometimes it takes longer.

The circular stapling hemorroidopexie: It is also known as the intervention of Longo. The surgery takes about an hour and she did the same under general anesthesia. In contrast to hemorrhoidectomy, the hemorroidopexie is a reinstatement of hemorrhoids in their original place instead of their complete removal. Although this technique is less painful than hemorrhoidectomy, but is however linked to an increased risk of recurrence of hemorrhoids prolapse and training.

Coagulation Photo by infrared: The operation can be performed using infrared coagulation camera. This technique is not considered a surgical procedure and requires no anesthesia. The principle is based on infrared radiation that is applied by the apparatus directly on hemorrhoids for a duration not exceeding 2 seconds which causes a burning hemorrhoidal mucosa.

Rubber band ligation: This is a very old technique that involves a restriction of the hemorrhoidal tissue in an elastic to cut off the supply of blood hemorrhoids. The latter will then dry and then they will fall in a few days. This operation has risks of complications such as the appearance of anal fissures and blood clotting.

The operations of hemorrhoids, they can be replaced by other treatment?

Although the success rate of hemorrhoids operations can be high due to the progress of medicine, but the risk of failure still exists. Dozens of surgical operations have failed even though they were made by physicians and teachers. The pain and complications that can occur if the operation is not successful, are really huge and sometimes unbearable. These include the risk of developing chronic anal fissures as an example of possible complication. These cracks will in most cases accompanied by bleeding and bleeding of varying intensity that may cause anemia in some patients. In addition, you must also think about the post-operative pain that always appear after the operation and especially during defecation. The infection risk must also be taken into account because healing is not always fast which facilitates bacterial growth in this area. Several other complications can occur such as:

  • Reactions to anesthesia in case the subject allergy.
  • Urinary disorders.
  • Of constipation.
  • Anal stricture.
  • Delayed healing.
  • Bleeding.
  • Because of the healing itching.

All these reasons lead us to wonder about the effectiveness of hemorrhoid operations . Is there then a more reliable method which can help us to cure hemorrhoids without resorting to expensive surgery and sometimes dangerous?

The answer is yes. It is simply natural treatments to zero risk. Follow the following to discover these secret methods.

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» The operations of hemorrhoids: is it a good idea?